Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Most Awesome Vacation Ever- Sunday!

Sunday morning after breakfast we wanted to go check out a town called Gulfport that had flooded in 2008 (the last time we were in Susie’s area). Since Jason was familiar with area and the flood he took us on a little tour. It was actually really neat to see some of the buildings that remained after the entire town was covered with water. The water was so deep that a friend of Jason’s was able to drive a boat OVER his own house when the waters were at their highest. It took several months to pump out the water and most of the buildings had a water line where the water sat during that time.

We also go to see several houses just behind the levee. There some lots that had trailers up on stilts! It was neat to see something we have never seen like that. We even got to check out the inside of a house that was for sale.

Little Kenny pretending he is an Eagle... or something like that 
The constant discussion over who should pay for gas...
Simple pleasures

Bridge between IL and Iowa 
Me and Kenny 

Jason and Jaydon

Kenny wanted to visit with Jennifer and Jason’s dogs Scrappy and Prissy so we went by their house. I can't even imaging living in such a great location with a HUGE yard. They have 5 acres of land and some of it looks like forest! Everything is so green and beautiful and their kids have room to run and play with their horses... I mean dogs! lol

The boys had too much fun on the trampoline well the men did... I don't think Jaydon liked it-


The boys were absolutely in heaven when Jason asked them if they wanted to ‘knock something down’ with his skip loader. I think Jason, wins brother-in-law of the year award for letting Kenny, Little Kenny and Brian knock down one of his trees EACH with the bobcat : ) They all just loved it.

Kenny knocking down a tree! 

Little Kenny trying to knock down a tree 

Brian and scrappy 

Brian gave it a try too 
Jaylen and Uncle Kenny! 

Jaylen is SUCH a sweetie!! So pretty 
That afternoon Susie's family was having a fish fry and birthday party for Jaylen.

We played games:
Jennifer and Kenny 

Jaylen in the mini bounce house!

Little Kenny and Kenny

Susie's house 

Jason (and all the kiddos) helping Jaylen open presents 

Kenny, Me and Brian 

Susie and Jaylen
Family pictures!

Cute little Jaylen!

Siblings! Kenny said this was his best visit with his step sister Jennifer. He said he genuinely felt wanted and loved by her and the family! Ahhh so cute!

Kenny,Me and Jennifer 
Kenny, Jason, Me and Jennifer
Kenny, Me, Susie, Jason and Jennifer 
More siblings!
Brian, Me, Kenny and Jennifer 
Have you seen a cuter little girl in your life??

I love this picture!
Me holding Jaylen and Kenny holding Jaydon 
Blooper! Love it!

We seriously had the best time ever visiting Kenny's family. We weather was perfect, felt more than welcome, the food was great and we just was so much fun! I tried buffalo fish for the first time! (Kenny thought this was going to meat like from a Buffalo).  We really wish we lived closer to them! 

That evening we made our way back to St. Louis to Little Kenny's house. 

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