Saturday, September 10, 2011

Super Saturday

Jackie is always kind enough to include us in her church activities and I am really starting to like the Baptist church. In September Tapestry, the women's organization in the church holds a silent auction and luncheon to kick off the new Bible studies for the fall.

My mom and I got their just early enough to check out the silent auction and quickly bid on a few items. I ended up winning two items and so did my mom! Her's were gift baskets filled with goodies and mine were children's passes to the zoo and an aqua doodle and the other package was a Beth Moore Bible study, 2 weeks of tanning and some jewelry bags!

auction room 

In past years Jackie has catered the event, but this year the church hired a caterer which freed up Jackie to host a table. Each host is in charge of decorating their table and boy oh boy do they go all out! The theme was western and it was so fun to see all the bandannas, hats, boots etc at each table.

When it was time for the speaker I really had a hard time settling down to listen. I have been on top speed for the past couple weeks and just couldn't concentrate on what was being said. I finally resorted to opening the Bible and looking up the scriptures she referenced in her speech and then I could finally get into the spirit of things and take it all in.

I am really excited for the upcoming Bible study that my mom and I are going to be doing there. Its called Anointed Transformed Redeemed and Beth Moore is one of the co-authors! It should be wonderful.

After lunch I dropped my mom off and went to Crop Girls for a Halloween Card class. This was my first class (besides make and takes) that I have done at Crop Girls and I really liked it! Smaller class size, more attentive teacher and the price was the same as Scrapbooks Etc and located only 10 mins from my house!

After my class I went home to discover this:

Kenny installed our new super cool faucet just like the one my cousin Kenny has. I just love it and I love that he surprised me with it! I told him to save the other faucet so we can put it back on when we move, because we are taking this new one with us!

Later Kenny took me to my favorite restaurant, Chipotle, for dinner and then my mom and I finished the day going to the movies. I read The Help, but have really been wanting to see the movie and so has my mom. We finally got to see it and I will say it was well worth the wait. It was excellent and I did cry (even though I knew what was going to happen!). I thought they did a super job not cutting out any important parts of the book.

I feel so spoiled today and just had so much fun!

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