Monday, July 25, 2011


I participated in Scrapbook's Etc. first Swap Soiree back in April and really enjoyed it so I signed up again this time. I of course waited until the week the items are due to work on them, but I have been thinking of what to do for awhile. Here are my cards: 

 Here is my mom's card for the swap:
 I also signed up for the new cigar box swap. Basically you decorate the cigar box, include one homemade item and a bunch of scrapbook goodies. Here is mine-
 Lastly, I signed up for the flower hair accessory swap. These are cuter in person, but not as cute as they were in my head.... but they are done so they will have to pass with a push.

The below project is not a swap, but I finished it today : I made an album out of pair of flip flops and then I made a little bag for it to be stored in for my friend's bday next month.

I really had no idea how to make a draw string bag, but I just googled it and kind of figured out how to do it my own way.

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