Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh Happy Week

This week has been SO great with my brother and the boys staying down the street with my mom. Its like a week long party...

Wednesday they (mom, Brian and they boys) came up and met me for lunch at the mall. We ate at Johnny Rockets for their $5 specials and FREE kids meals. My brother had to meet with the recruiter at noon so it worked out perfectly.

 Thursday we all met at 3:30 to see Cars II. The movie wasn't as great as the first one, but the boys loved it, and that is what really matters. At one point I looked over and saw Jacob being swallowed up by the chair (since he doesn't weigh enough to keep it flat) and a wad of candy in his cheek. It cracked my up.

After the movie we all went back to my parents house and my mom made Chicken Enchiladas. They are THE BEST! She says she just uses the green sauce that comes in the can, flour tortillas, chicken and cheese, but my oh my are they good!

It was so nice to have everyone together, in a good mood and having fun. After dinner Brian and I took the boys to the 99 cent store for some new flip flops since Little Brian's broke. My dad gave them each a dollar to spend and I told them I would buy them one thing too. I asked Little Brian, "How many things can you pick out?" He said, "I dunt know." I held up one finger and said grandpa is buying you one thing and I am buying you one thing (help up my pointer finger on the other hand) , how many can you get? "He thought and shook his hands nervously and said, "11?" (I can see where he go that since I help up two fingers next to each other ha ha) I asked Jacob and he nervously said, " 2?" I said you are right! They both excitedly picked out a toy and a pool noodle. It was fun.

We decided to have an encore for Friday night. My mom and I worked on a mini scrapbook kit we had purchased from a class and the boys (Brian, Kenny, Little Brian and Jacob) played Mario for hours. It was adorable and fun. Everyone was laughing and totally into the game. The boys would run around and squeal with delight screaming "I won, I won" every time they would pass a level. I think Kenny had the most fun though ; )

My dad came home Friday night after a very hard week (not feeling good, work not going great) to a houseful of people... happy,loving family that is. He is really enjoying everyone being around. I think he really loves being a Grandpa.

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