Friday, July 15, 2011

The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar

Yes, it was a Groupon deal. We purchased this back in February with our friends Jereme and Melodi and finally got around to using it. This place is SUPER fun! I was very excited to go see some live Piano performances , but had no idea what to expect. These people were amazing piano players! At one point one guy was playing the piano, singing, reading requests AND checking his smart phone! Umm amazing. They took requests via napkins with the song on it and a few dollars tucked behind the napkin. We requested songs like- Build me Up Buttercup and others, but the performances could play anything! They played Metalica, Gin and Juice etc. I was taking a picture of the performers when one guy shot a flash light in my face (you can actually see it in the picture I took below) and called me out... it was funny, but when he put me on the spot I didn't know what to say... my 3 table mats didn't help me out either! It was really fun and awesome... until a very rowdy group came and sat behind us... One guy elbowed Kenny in the head. He let it go. Then someone pushed him. But the final straw was when one guy was so drunk he split his entire beer on Kenny (and my a little). We decided the discomfort out weighted the fun of being there so we left. Unfortunately we car pooled with Jereme and Melodi and even though they saw what had went on they were really ready to leave. It was a quiet ride home... 
Since Kenny has the company car,  we drive; a lot. It bugs me when people start to just except us to always drive (and pay for parking) just because we get a cheap deal with the car. It still our time (since it often adds up to an hour to our drive to pick up and drop off people) and we do pay for gas just off Kenny's pay check instead of at the pump. Its not fun to be generous when its expected. 

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