Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Crazy Thing We Call Life

What a week. Seriously, good bad and ugly. Monday I stayed home from work. I really hate wasting PTO days on not feeling well- I miss having separate sick days from vacation days! I can't complain too much because while I wasn't feeling good my Dad was feeling WAY worse and he still worked. 

Tuesday morning my dad didn't go into to work. The nurse at his doctor's office told him he needed to go to the ER once she learned of his symptoms, but he refused. My brother finally convinced him to go to the hospital, but my dad wanted to drive himself so he would have his vehicle when he was ready to leave. He only made it about a mile and had to pull over and let my brother drive him the rest of the way while my mom followed in her car. Of course they admitted him that afternoon. Kenny and I went up to visit him after work. He just didn't look good. They were getting ready to bring him to his own room and once they gave him some Morphine he just wanted to sleep so we left. 

Mom, Kenny and I went to dinner and Brian was off to take ASVAB for his entrance into the National Guard. He said he was the oldest guy in the whole place... it will be tough for him to compete against these men that are 10 years younger than him, but I really admire him for trying. After he completed his test they called his name along with two others and escorted them to another room. Brian was sure he had done something wrong or would have to retest.... turns out he scored thehighest possible score on the test!! Woot Woot! I am so proud of him and at the same time getting very nervous that this is going to be a reality! He meets with the recruiter next Monday so we should know more then. 

After dinner I went to Creative Quest for the 10 card extravaganza. I shouldn't have went.. I was in a bad/sad mood because of my dad but I went anyway. Sometimes I swear people can be SO rude! It was about 7PM and the event ended at 8 so I was in a hurry, but it was pretty crowded and had to wait for my turn at each station. It was finally my turn at my last station and I put all my things down and started to work on the card when I realized I was missing a piece. I went to the front to ask for the piece and when I returned someone had taken my spot! They just put all their things down on top of mine and started working! I swear I almost lost it! I confronted the woman, but she didn't seem to care so I moved her things and took mine (including my purse!) and left. GRRRR 

Wednesday I worked and went to the hospital after work to check on my dad. I was pretty frustrated to him in basically the same state we had left him the afternoon before. My dad is pretty patient and won't but the nurses for anything so, I hunted down the nurse and tried to ask questions. She was pretty rude and just gave us vague answers. Finally the GI doctor, Darlene, came in and talked to Kenny and I. What a Heaven sent this woman was! She took the time to explain what they were trying to do for my dad and what the treatment plan looked like. She answered questions and gave us some hope. They are still testing, but they think it is some sort of infection in his digestive system and are giving his body 3 days to rest from digesting food - meaning he can only have a clear liquid diet. Also, they are giving him fluids and antibiotics to help his body fight. You know , its not THE ANSWER, but at least she let us know where they were at with him and what type of recovery they felt like he would have. They said he could be released as early as Friday, but wont be going back to work for a couple weeks.  

To me this was great news and gave me a new HOPE. Kenny and I decided to take my mom and brother out for dinner at Chili's to celebrate the news and Brian's test score! We probably had way too much fun, but I was glad we could get our minds of the seriousness of the situation for an hour or so. 

Mom and my brother 

Thursday evening I had a busy night planned and my brother joined me. I was a little shocked he wanted to hang out with me, without Kenny. We drove out toChandler and he waited while I got my haircut. He joked that he didn't know why we had to go to the other side of the earth for a haircut, but I told him it was all about the price... Well, she charged me $45 instead of the $25 she had told me and I pretty much hate the cut. I won't be back. Next we went to Scrapbooks etc to drop off my swaps and then to David and Denise Lang's house to pick up the bench they had made for me in memory of my grandma.

I had sort of put off going out to see Denise, because I was a little nervous about going alone. I was glad my brother came with me, but it didn't end up being necessary. David and Denise are two of the nicest people ever. David is Carl's  (my Grandpa Jake Lang's brother) son. My grandma really thought a lot of Denise and now I know why. She is so down to earth, humble, generous, kind and just awesome. Brian and I both enjoyed visiting with them, their 3 dogs and numerous chickens! I wish I had taken pictures of their place, but I felt dumb and didn't want to ask them if I could take pictures of their house and yard, but it was beautiful. Since they only live a couple miles from Scrapbooks Etc I am going to try to make time to visit her more often when I am on that side of town. 

After we picked up the bench Brian and I went to China Chili, a favorite restaurant of my brothers and had a late dinner... We were in and out in 20 mins- unbelievable! 

I don't know why I am so surprised, but Brian and I really had a great night together. 

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