Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Skate!

We (Kenny and I and Jereme and Melodi) purchased Groupons (put on your shocked face) back in February for two admissions and two large sodas for $12 at Great Skate. Unfortunately for us, Great Skate has some smoking summer specials like $1 admission or $3 admission and skate rental... GRRR I hate to overpay for things, especially when I think I am getting a deal! The Groupon was going to expire soon so we just decided to take the hit and go anyway. We did get 2 large Icees which were $3 each and Pizza (not sure why they gave us that, but we gave it to Jereme and Melodi) so at least we broke even... 

The place hasn't changed much in the past 13-14 years... same brown skates (unless you choose roller blades like we did), same bathrooms and concession stand... although everything seems lower to the ground (ie the sinks etc). It was actually pretty fun to get out there and skate and listen to music, however the main goal was not to fall over any small children. Once we got a few laps under our belts Kenny and I were pretty confident and were speeding around the little kids. It felt a little weird to be there with all the kids... oh there were people our age there, but they all had kids with them. I try not to let those things bother me, but it was still awkward. In fact, I am trying to take on the attitude to have fun no matter where you are... and be silly! I danced to silly songs and joked with Kenny. It made what could have been a really boring night a little better! We only stayed about an hour and half, but the four of us were ready to go by then... 


  1. I got to go to Great Skate last year and it was so fun! We went for my friend's 30th birthday party, so there were a bunch of us zooming about (I use the term zooming lightly since those brown skates barely move). Who cares what anyone thinks anyway? As long as you're having fun (and no one gets hurt) that's all that matters!