Monday, July 18, 2011

Truck Repairs

After about two years of not cleaning the air filter on the truck it was time to do so.  I wanted to check on the True Flows website for cleaner and what I found was the company went out of business.  We camped on the forth of July.  With all the ATV's driving around, the dry forest kicked up a lot of dust.  It was at that point I realized it was time to pay attention to the air cleaner.  During that same camping trip I also noticed that the rear of the truck was sagging more than it should.  Apparently half-ton Dodge's have "soft springs".  I hooked up the trailer with a quad in the back the back end of the truck sagged.  Amanda agreed that if I was to save some of the money it would be okay to put on air bags to improve the suspension of the truck.

I was in neighborhood so I stopped over at Desert Rat.  I bought the trucks second air intake system, throttle body spacer (a must have), and an air bag kit.  I made an appointment to have the air bags installed and picked up the air intake system from Airaid for me to install. 

Brian was over so he helped me install the throttle body spacer and the air intake.  When we were taking the old intake out Brian pointed out that on of the brackets had broke and the air intake had a hole on the side.  Which led me to assume that dirt had access to the engine instead of passing through the air filter.  Finding this hole saved the life of the engine to some degree.

It was on Tuesday, the 19th, when the appointment was set up for the air bag install.  We took the truck in on Monday so they could have it first thing on Tuesday.  We were with friends, Bev and Lloyd, on Monday when I got a call that the truck was done.  Apparently they had a few cancellations so they got to the truck early.  Later that  night I was outside playing with the truck letting air in and out of the new bags.  You couldn't tell much because the truck wasn't under a load.  On the next trip with the trailer and quads a difference will be seen.  Now our half-tone can haul 2500 lbs in the bed. 

While we were outside installing the part Hope was having a heyday inside with the bubble wrap packing! 


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