Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yep this event was yet another Groupon inspired event. This indoor amusement park called, Jambo, was on Groupon for $32 for 4 all day passes. Kenny and I took Brian and the boys to check it out. We ended up being able to share the wrist bands so we could all do Lazer Tag and I just took pictures the rest of the time. The boys seemed to really enjoy the place and we didn't mind it either. 
Little Brian 
Jacob and Little Brian 
Brian, Little Brian, Jacob and Kenny - going in for Lazer Tag 

Uncle Kenny helping Jacob with is golfing
Little B getting eaten by a the hippo! 

and then me being eaten by the same hippo

Little Brian 

Gotta love Jacob's golf stance 

Jacob bowling 

This is right before Little Brian gave it a try... to be fair he is used to a heavier real bowling ball so when he picked up this lighter, smaller ball I guess he didn't know his own strength because when he heaved the ball down the lane it flew off and hit the dry wall across the way... He was terrified he would be in trouble... and the 3 of us adults couldn't stop laughing. We didn't get in trouble, but the place wasn't too happy with us.

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