Friday, July 22, 2011

Phoenix Suns Shoot Around

Friday night the Suns offered a FREE event for all ages to come shoot hoops on the court. Kenny and Brian weren't very excited about it, but I thought, "Hey, Why not? Its a free activity for the boys!" So we went and ended up having a really great time... the men even admitted they were glad we went. 

Brian, Jacob (in his giant Suns shirt he insisted on wearing), Little Brian and Kenny
The boys shot some hoops on the kids court for a while, but Jacob kept getting hit in the face and head with other people's balls and went to sit with Brian and Kenny. Little Brian really got the hang of it and started making some baskets.

Then we got to go on the big court! It was pretty cool to be out there. It was actually the Mercury's (the womens team) court, but it was still really cool to be out there. I have to brag that I was the only one who made a basket out there : )
Jacob, Me and Little Brian on the court 

The boys were just tired so they took a break --- those are front row seats they are sitting in!` 
We took a look at the practice court area and got to walk through the players tunnel which was very neat for me. Then we were off to the kids play land area and guess who was up there!? The Gorilla!
Jacob and the Gorilla 
Little Brian even got to play basketball with him!!

Little Brian and the Gorilla 

After the event we went to Dillans for dinner. I had a Groupon I wanted to use up and thought that would make for a complete night. I was shocked how much the boys liked their food! Little Brian said' This such a good place, thanks for bringing me" Even Jacob cleared his plate- in fact we all did ! 

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