Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flash Mob

Tonight we went downtown to the AZ Center (5th Street and Vanburn) to participate in our first flash mob---  a marriage proposal flash mob! We were running a little late and didn't make it to the meeting place by 6:15 for instructions... So Mom, Brian, Kenny and I loitered around for a while until we decided to go ask David (which I recognized from the Flashmob FB page) for instructions. Basically the plan was they would play a slow song and we would all gather and do the slow dance, then the man would sing to his girlfriend... then propose! Kenny didn't really want to participate, but since I needed a partner he was willing :)  We were sitting waiting for the time to come when we were joined by a really fun girl named, Haily. She was there for the flashmob too, but didn't have a partner... I threw my brother under the bus and said, "We have an extra guy, if you need him". Luckily Brian was a good sport and didn't get mad!! LOL 

The Place 
It was supposed to start at 7PM so we got into position 'casually' sitting on the steps near the 'dance floor' with mom across the way ready with cameras, and we waited. And waited. And Waited. Finally about 7:40 (right when our parking meter was about to run out) they showed up!! We were about to get started when the unsuspecting girlfriend decided she needed to use the restroom. Haily and I tried to make nervous, causal looking conversation as the couple walked RIGHT by us! AHHHH We were all excited and nervous and ready to do this! Finally she came back... the music started and we all got up and started dancing.  It was a beautiful night to have a dance in the middle of the park! 

Kenny, Me and Brian 
The woman looked a little stunned, but danced with her boyfriend. Then he sang a song to her. They both looked absolutely in love. It was adorable. 

We were instructed to back away to give them 'their moment' and he knelt down in front of the crowded and proposed! She said YES! So romantic! 

Afterward we finally got the ice cream my mom waited well over an hour for ; ) at Cold Stone. Yummy~! 


  1. Awww, that is so romantic and cool. How neat that you guys are a part of their engagement story. :)

  2. Sounds like fun! That's a cute way to propose. :)