Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vegas Trip

Kenny has to travel to Vegas each month for work, usually for 2-3 days. Everyone thinks that is so glamorous and fun, but in reality his trips are usually jam packed with work and dinner and a movie alone each night. Since Crystal had the boys Kenny offered to have Brian come along with him. Brian was really excited since he had been to Vegas in years!

Unfortunately, Brian got a taste of what I too realized about going on a business trip with someone... that person is working! The days are kind of boring when  you have to find something to do alone (with no car!). Brian spent the first day checking out the strip and walked from the MGM area to the Stratosphere and was very happy when Kenny finally got off work and could come hang out with him! That night they had a nice dinner and hung out.

Wednesday Kenny had more time to spare so the guys hit the town! They purchased these fun drinks and bought the all day ride pass for the Stratosphere! I was really excited to hear they were doing that because Kenny doesn't usually want to do crazy stuff like that. Kenny said he was nervous about it at first, but then really enjoyed the rides and was glad he stepped out of his comfort zone and did it!

view from the top of the stratosphere 

As they were walking the strip they even met Luigi and they feathery girls... you just never know what you will see on the strip!

Pawn shop from Pawn Stars the show

I think it was a nice break from the insanity in my brothers life and Kenny got some company on his trip!

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