Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Since we came back a day early from camping we had all day Monday the 4th to do something. The only thing we could think of was going to see Transformers 3 (which the adults were looking forward to just as much as they boys!) We relaxed all morning and then went to pick up the boys for the movie. 

I had purchased Transformer shirts for the boys and when I gave them to the boys Jacob said something like - Ohhhh I love it! Thanks and Little Brian said, "Oh where are the toys" Grrr I said "Oh you don't like it? I will give it to someone who does appreciate it then!" and handed the shirt to my cousin Kenny. He played off really well, "Oh thank you so much I will put it right on!" And he did (with help) lol- 

He did end up giving the shirt to Little B... hope he learned his lesson! 

Jacob in his bumble bee shirt
The boys with Optimus : ) 
The boys LOVED the movie of course. Little Brian sat next to my mom and kept asking her, why is that happening? And making other comments about the movie, it was really adorable how he cuddled up next to her and they were in there little movie zone. Jacob fell asleep in the middle of the movie and big Brian nudged him and said, "Do you like this movie?" Jacob woke up wide eyed and said, "Yes, I love it" ha ha 

The Taylor boys playing a 
After the movie we grabbed some Mexican food at Arribas (since Rio Mirage was closed). My dad even went to dinner with us. I can't express how much I love the whole family being together. I wish I would have taken a picture of everyone.
After dinner it was time to head out to see Fireworks. We of course stopped at QT for drinks. I try to make the boys pay for their own drinks so they start to understand paying for things... I ask them how much things cost and how much money they have... sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't, but I think every little but counts. 

Blair and her family were up at the park already so we parked (very far away) and met up with them. The kids enjoyed playing together... and the adults too-
Little Kenny beating on Brian
and then we all joined in-
Me, the boys, Little Kenny and Brian (he wasnt happy but laughing) 

Little Kenny- ha ha 
Brian- Cheese!! 
The firework show was awesome and the boys watch in wonder... for about 10 mins.

Little B sat in his Uncle Kenny's lap through the entire show :) 

The whole gang (minus Angie who took the picture) Blair, Allan, Matt, Hannah, Kenny Jr holding baby Hailey, Kenny, Jacob, Me, Little Brian and Brian) 
When we got home we played with sparklers (even thought they are prohibited by our city... I seriously don't get how they can be legal and sold in the stores,but you cant put them off anywhere!!)
Little Brian 

Kenny Jr. 

It was a great holiday full of family, laughter and fun!! 

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