Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fun Day

We finally scheduled a day to go out to Tubing on the salt river. Kenny and I can never seem to get to Jereme and Melodi's house ON TIME so we left our house at 7:15 AM to get there by 8:30. We stopped and shared a breakfast burrito at Filiberto's Mexican Food and then ran to Walmart for snacks and SUNSCREEN (which was 110 spf, applied 3 times and we still burned to a crisp!) . When we got to Walmart Kenny realized he didn't have his wallet so we high tailed it back to Filiberto's and were very blessed that someone had turned it in!! That was a WAY stressful 20 mins AND made us late to Jereme and Melodi's house. Oh well its just not meant for us to get to their house on time.

We got to the lake about 10 AM and it was SWAMPED! Kenny really hates crowds and we were sort of discouraged by the long lines. There were SO many people (If you are looking for tattoo ideas this would be the place to go)!! Everything actually went really smoothly getting our tubes rented ($15 each including the shuttle ride) and getting on to the bus. We of course wanted to do the entire lake so we got dropped off at stop #1. Our ice chest decided it would only float upside down, but still worked okay. Jereme and Melodi had the right idea and purchased an ice chest and a tube to float next to them. I really like that idea, however I won't like to be tied to another tube. 

My chapstick escaped my pocket and I didn't feel like swimming against the current for a $1 tube of chapstick... Jereme and Melodi found it a worthy cause and right as we all joined back together and they returned my recovered chapstick... the worst part of the day happened. My water proof digital camera escaped my hand. Of course I didn't have the strap around my wrist OR a floater attached to it. We were in the quick moving, DEEP area and could not see the bottom of the river. There really was NO HOPE of finding it, but Jereme and Kenny tried to get it. The current pushed us out of the original spot in sunk within 10 seconds so it really, really wasn't realistic that we could find it... I seriously almost cried. I rejoined the group and tried not to sulk. I really don't have $150 to replace the camera right now so I will just have to go without : ( 

We still ended up having a great time on the river. The water was SO nice and it didn't feel hot at all. Some people brought Marshmellows to throw at each other. It was actually really fun and I would swim around collecting "ammo" to target my group. 

In the low areas you could actually SEE fish... I tried and tired naively to catch a fish with my bare hands. I did touch a fish and I 'caught' a beach towel.

Kenny and Melodi enjoyed just relaxing in their tubes and snacking. It was nice to find an activity all four of us  could really enjoy. 

After tubing we all took showers and headed to Radiant. It has been SO long since Kenny and I have been (March I think). We picked up Brian and the boys too. The service was good and I just enjoyed being there! Something happened in Little Brian's class and I was heartbroken to see him crying when I went to pick him up. I believe it had something to do with needing a partner to play the video games after class and he didn't have a partner, but I am really not sure. Jacob (who cried when we dropped him off) had a great time and was beaming when we picked him up. 

After the service they had water inflatables set up for the kids to play on... of course the boys got to play! 

Little Brian 

 After we dropped the boys off , Melodi, Jereme, Kenny and I went out to dinner at Red Robin. This was the first time Melodi had ever been to Red Robin- shocking! The meal was great of course, but we go into some really great conversation too. One thing we talked about was praying at meal time in a restaurant . This is something I really struggle with ! We talked about it our Bible study last week and one couple said they will even ask the waitress if they can pray for her. I am not that brave. 

After dinner we headed over to Padre Murphy's to listen to Western Bred , a local band Kenny really enjoys. We met Barb and a few of her friends up there too. It was SUPER Busy because it was J David's b-day and all the old Mr. Lucky's crowd showed up.  The bar usually isn't my scene, but I decided to just have a good attitude and have fun where ever I am (per Kenny Kruger) and guess what? I DID! I had friends there to chat with and great music to listen to. Kenny and I even slow danced to.... A JORDAN SPARKS SONG! 

That's right Jordan Sparks (a local American Idol celebrity) came to sing Happy Birthday to J David Slaon! Western Bred was the band that used to play at Mr. Lucky's before they closed. On Friday nights Lucky's would have a Fish Fry and allow kids to come in for a singing contest and who do you think participated in that contest ALL the time??? Jordan Sparks! Barb remembers hearing her sing on Friday nights since the girl was 13 years old! I am not really a fan of hers, but it still tickled me to death to have her there. 

Jereme's brother Nathan came up to visit with us for a little while which was fun too. It was a really great day (even though I lost my camera...) 
Jordan Sparks 
Jereme and Melodi listening to Jordan Sparks (see her in the background?) 

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  1. I'm so sorry you lost your camera. That's a total bummer. I would have cried for sure - good job on being a champ and keeping it together.

    It sounds like you still had fun and made the best of the day, so that's good.