Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year - 2012

Many ideas had been on the table for our New Year's Eve celebration ; Tempe Town Lake, a great new fancy restaurant etc but we (Jereme, Melodi, Brian, Kenny and I) decided to stay in, play board games and make a special dinner. We bought PRIME New York Strip Steaks from Costco- $10 per steak... ouch. Kenny did an excellent job grilling the steaks and baked potatoes to go with our salads. Little Brian LOVES steaks, but Jacob acted like it was eating poo. Poor kid hates meat... like I did when I was a kid. Everyone enjoyed the steaks, but we all kind of agreed that it wasn't worth paying double for the 'prime'.

After dinner we played Mario Yahtzee which the boys loved! It was such a good game for little Brian to practice his math skills and Jacob just enjoyed tossing the dice across the table. Jereme and Melodi brought a new Wii game called WiiParty. The boys, and I do mean all of them ; Brian, Kenny, Jereme, Little B and Jacob were very much into the game. We did a countdown to 8 PM (AKA kid bedtime) and toasted with Apple Cider. I took the boys home and my mom baby sat them while we all stayed up till midnight (we knew they would never go to sleep if they could hear us up playing and having fun). Mel and I tortured the boys for the next couple hours with a Twilight bored game. Since my brother has never seen the movies, read the books or knows the names Jacob, Edward and Bella it was pretty hilarious to watch him play. He was a good sport and we had a lot of laughs playing anyway. We brought in the new year playing the wii game (except Mel who took a nap).

When we got up in the morning Kenny made us all waffles and bacon- yummo! Brian took off about 10, but the rest of us lounged around all afternoon trying to decide what to do with the day. We ended up just going to lunch at Golden Corral --- kind of ironic to go to a buffet on New Year's Day since so many people (including me) make resolutions to lose weight! We enjoyed it though, right down to the strawberries and marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fountain.

We finally made it over to Nanette's house about 4 PM. Even though we were late we didn't want to miss a chance at seeing the kids (Brittany, Chris, Zack, Matt and Emma), unfortunately they were really raring to go and Zack spit in my face twice (after giving me the biggest hug hello!) and Matt hit me in the face all within 5 mins of getting there... Sadly we also had missed Brittany and Chris opening their presents and dinner... BUT they saved us some black eyed peas and ham so we are sure to be prosperous in the new year.

I had a good time chatting with all the girls in the kitchen. This is probably my favorite time of year; new beginnings, goals and challenges. I love to hear peoples plans and goals ; Michelle is going to try to read the Bible this year, Sarah is filling her calendar with family birthdays, anniversaries etc. and Nanette is going to try a new book club. After hearing them talk about their ideas and goals it made me want to get going on my goals and ideas for the new year.

My normal goals (2011, 2010) include things like eating healthy, readying the Bible and saving money... while those are certainly still on my list I have some other goals in mind as well... I want to work on the way I treat others... cut out things like sarcasm, complaining and gossip.

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  1. That sounds like a fun way to spend new years eve. :)

    I like your goal it is so easy to be rude to others and yet we get so hurt when others are rude to us. Good luck with your goal! :)