Saturday, January 7, 2012

Angry Bird Party!

Jacob LOVES Angry Birds! Kenny and I came up with an idea to make him a life size version of angry birds for his 5th birthday party! 
Brian got tons of boxes from his work and Kenny and I wrapped them in paper bags. 
We got angry bird plates and tapped the pigs to balloons and a red bird to a bouncy ball... We made a sling shot and set up in the park to surprise him! 

The sling shot didn't work very well for some reason... I was the only one who could get it to work... So we just decided that WE would be human angry birds! 

It was a ton of fun and provided a couple hours of entertainment in the morning before we headed to Jacob's bowling party.

My mom, Jacob, my dad and my brother 

Brian and Little Brian 

My mom, Me and Little Brian 

Mom, Me, Brian, Little Brian and Jaob 
Me and Jacob

It was such a fun day. I was surprised that my parents came out to the bowling alley and played with us, it was really great to have everyone all together. Jacob's mom didn't call... he didn't ask, but it still makes me sad for him. He is such a super awesome kiddo! 

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