Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 for $10 at the Tempe Improv - or FREE

Advertising works on me... I check my e-mails and am easily enticed by Groupon deals, sales and specials... Today I received a deal for FREE admission to the Tempe Improv for their 10 comics for $10 night. Of course the tickets weren't actually free since I had to pay a $5 per ticket processing fee(not to mention the 2 drink minimum....), but still cheap ! Kenny has been wanting to take my mom with us to the Improv for a long time... The two of them laugh out loud a lot... to TV, radio, comics whatever. I mean its not that I don't laugh too, but they really get into it. I was actually surprised that she wanted to go, because she is such a home body. 

So the 3 of us headed to Tempe for a night out. I wish I would have taken pictures because my mom was all dressed up and looked so pretty in here gray ruffly shirt and black skinny pants : ) 

We ordered some chips and salsa and drinks before the show started and eagerly waited for the comics to get started. I personally though the first 1/2 of the comics were the best and laughed A LOT. 8 of them were local comics that I didn't recognize, but we did get to Listen to the Head Liners from this week and next week (not bad for $5 admission!) as well. 

My favorite comic was talked about marriage... I think his best joke was, "I got married young so I didn't have to waste a lot of time figuring out what my own interests were" LOL Kenny and I had a great laugh at that guy. 

My mom said the comics weren't great, but she still laughed a lot and enjoyed the night. The average show is about an hour an half... so I was expecting to get out about 9 PM so when we walked out at 10:15 I was shocked! It made for a late night, but I am so glad we went. 

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