Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do Over, Please?

I would like to find the restart button for this year... it came to quick... I didn't set my goals and things aren't going the way I want... boo hoo right? Well you are invited to a pity party - so here goes...

Monday night Toby started throwing up... first it was just clear, but then it was lined with red. I have learned the hard way about waiting it out with pets so we got him into the vet the next morning. They immediately attacked the diet we feed them: Pedigree but we refused to believe that was the answer since they said that was Hope's problem too, when she actually had a piercing hole in her belly! The did decided to do the barium test and take z-rays to examine his digestive system. After 2 days and $500 in vet bills later it actually was the food because he had a build up blocking his colon (?) ... I am still not 100% convinced it was the food and not stuffing from toys, but either way he is on the mend and I am thankful!   

Tuesday was the day to head back to work. When I got into my truck that morning my glove compartment, center console and coin tray (ash tray) were all open and riffled through.... weird. My first thought was that Kenny was looking for something... that is a path of destruction I recognize! When I called and asked him if he had found what he was looking for he said it wasn't him... Scary. I began to take inventory. Nothing was missing, but someone had clearly been in the vehicle. We have no idea how they got in because the windows were all intact and no other physical damage was noticeable... unless we just left the truck unlocked... It really shouldn't feel like a big deal since there was no damage and nothing was taken, but I couldn't help but wonder about it... what were they looking for if not tools, walkie talkies or CDs? I am thankful I carry my garage door opener in my purse and don't leave it in the truck! Anyway, it just felt icky. We (knock on wood) have not been burglarized in our adult years... The last time I had something stolen was my stereo out of my Nova. It was about this time of year and Kenny had given me a stereo for Christmas... the week I had it installed someone had smashed my passenger front window and taken the stereo. The window cost more to replace ($200) then the stereo ($100)!

Anyway, I also had some frustrating things happen at work... I don't really want to rehash all the gory details here, but the situation left me feeling slighted and second class.  

Speaking of work Kenny had a stressful few days back to work. I don't envy his job this time of year. It is almost impossible to make appointments with insureds around the holidays so naturally his numbers are down. On top of that his Nevada work is piling up so he will have to take a long trip there to get things caught back up. Last week his GPS unit broke. It is several years old and was dropped for the last time... wouldn't even turn back on. This is a tool that is essential to his job, yet the company does not provide him one. He pooled all his Christmas money and allowance to buy the new unit. Talk about a bummer, but at least he had the means to do it... nothing worse than having to use map quest everyday!

So that all that is why I demand a restart to this year... Have you ever heard the saying if everyone put all their problems on the table you would probably take your own back? Well I know that is true and these are such minor problems they will fade fast... Just wanted to vent I guess.

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