Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hailey is One!

I cannot believe that Hailey is already 1! It seems like she was just born! I can't believe a year passed so quickly. I hate that I don't really know her... She is a friendly baby and always lets me pick her up when I come visit (which isn't often enough) 

We headed over to Blair's to celebrate Hailey's first birthday with her family. 

Had Cake: 

And ate it too :

I love that Allan 'helped' Hailey open her gifts, she sure is a daddy's girl !

Hailey wasn't very interested in her gifts, but sure liked the wrapping paper and liked to taste each item : )

Here is what we gave Hailey (along with a shirt and princess sippy cups):
I made this skirt! It took me 3 hours and I used fabrics I had on hand.... I had intended on making a skirt for Jaylen in September, but I was a big old chicken. I finally tackled the pattern, but I sort of hated it when I finished it... it looks like a clown skirt or something. I got lots of reassuring comments on FB and most importantly Blair loved it (Hailey didn't seem to mind wearing it either).

Hailey, Allan and Blair 

Hailey and Tamera 

I love Blair's big, loud family parties and feel honored that we are considered part of the family. 

Happy First Birthday, Hailey! 

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