Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surprise in the Mail

Its funny how a little surprise in the mail can come at just the perfect time on the perfect day. Kenny was having a bummer day today, nothing specific just a down day. We got a package in the mail from the Wagy family and naturally being the awesome man Kenny is he waited until I got home to open it.
His sister, Jennifer,  sent some beautiful family photos, a note and a tin can packed full of name tags that belonged to Kenny's dad. There were tons of them from the Ghost Busters to the California raisins! A treasure for him, for sure. I love to see that natural smile spread across Kenny's lips. Not that I don't see it often, I mean the guy is always laughing and joking, but this smile is different. Pure joy and contentment.
To anyone else these might be plastic trinkets, but to Kenny its a link to his dad and he loved looking at each one of them. He especially loved the ones that still had Ron's name on them. 

Thanks for the super awesome surprise Jennifer and Susie!

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