Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

So I have extra time between work and Piano on Tuesday afternoons and I often find myself just driving around looking at houses. Today I went to on of my family's old houses.

This house is at 2525 W Seldon Lane in Phoenix, AZ. My family rented it in the early 80s. It is actually up for sale right now for $50,000- that is crazy cheap, but it is only a 1,000 ft2 house and it was built in 1959. 3 bedroom/ 2 bath.

I remember it being so much bigger... and nicer :) It probably was nicer when we lived there- probably wasn;t bigger though ; )

My earliest memories were in this house:

* I remember sitting at the coffee table eating Bologna and Cheese sandwiches with my dad while watching I love Lucy or Andy Griffith at lunch time. My mom and brother weren't there.
* Our dog Holly Girl
* Playing in our TP in the back yard
* my brother falling off the roof (there used to be a tree by the front door) and cutting his head open. He begged me not to tell... of course I did anyway, but its not like she wouldn't have noticed all the blood on his forehead.
* I remember being in the kitchen with my mom... nothing more specific just being in there with her
* I remember my baby sitter whom I called Grandma Rena (she lived on the next street over)
* I got my first scar at that house... I ran across the street, fell and skinned my knee. I still have the scar.
* I remember when my dad decided to burn the weeds with gasoline and lit the entire chain link fence line on fire.
* I remember when the house was robbed... everyone was evaluating their rooms to see if anything was taking... my room was so messy I had no idea if anything was gone (like they wanted any of my 4 year old stuff ha ha ).
* One night my brother and I were going to run away from home... we got our bikes out and I don't even think we made it to the end of the drive way when we heard a dog howl and turned back.

My very earliest memory was actually in the living room of this house when my parents told me that my Grandpa Max passed away. It was 1985 and I was 2 years old. I don't have any specific memories of my Grandpa Max, but I remember that night when they told me he was gone and how mad I was and that I loved him a lot...

I had my 6th birthday party on that porch. We played musical chairs and did the egg race stuff.

I know of a lot more things that happened in that house because of photos and stories that were told to me, but all of these things are actual memories.

Have you ever been asked what your earliest memory was? Its hard to pin point, but if you can find the place you lived or look at pictures you might be able to jog it. I really can't believe that I remember my Grandpa Max Lang especially when I recently found out the year he died was 1985 making me 2 years old... thats crazy.

Anyway, that was my trip down memory lane.... maybe next week I will find another of our old houses and write about it. 

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