Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Weekend

Friday night my mom and I went to the Occasional Artist in downtown Glendale for their craft mixer night. We made this adorable home decoration! We used cute out letters and dabbed paint around them on pattern paper to create this look. Then we cute out cute phrases from old books to finish off the project. Very cute, simple idea!

While we were gone my brother and Kenny worked on his car. They were adding some internal green lightening... the project ran well into the night.

The boys kept busy playing video games most of the night... about 10PM I could see Jacob fading fast:

A while later he had a little bit of a meltdown and wailed and said, "This level is too hard!" Its not funny I know... but we were all so tickled by it. Life is just too hard sometimes.

Saturday morning I ran some errands with my parents and the boys. We went to the 'candy store' AKA ABC Cake decorating. and then hit the dart store. That evening Brian, Kenny and I went for a late dinner at  China Chili, one of my brothers favorite places ever. Their chicken fried rice is amazing! After dinner we went to see Blair's boyfriend, Allan's band, Virulent at Marque theater.

Sunday morning Brian, Kenny and I did an 11 mile bike ride in the Canal to prepare for our bike ride coming up. That afternoon Kenny and I went to Blair's house for Hailey's birthday party!

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