Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Candice and I met at Washington Elementary School in the 6th grade and were pretty much inseparable that year and into junior high. We spent every waking moment together at each other's houses and I was even lucky enough to go on vacation with her family.

Candice introduced me to the LDS church where I attended from the ages of 12 to 18. I was baptized by her Step-dad, Jeff when I was 14 as was my mom sometime after that. I met some of my favorite people at that church and have wonderful memories of the people, adventures, lessons, FOOD and fun. My mom and I have reminisced about the old 28th Ward when we have attempted to attend other LDS churches and it just wasn't the same.... We miss it! The group of friends we made those years will last a lifetime even if we don't share the same faith any longer. I still feel very guilty when it comes Candice's family for my decision to leave the church since her family was who invested so much time into me, although they have never been judgmental or made me feel that way (its all in my own head!)

Anyway, all that to say Candice made a HUGE impact on my life but somewhere along the way we simply grew apart. We attended different highschools and eventually after college we stopped talking. Our moms are something if not kindred spirits and stayed in touch all these years. Since FB started I have reconnected with Candice's family (even camped with them, did the Mud Run etc), but have never been able to reconnect with her... not sure why.

My mom and I wanted to bring a little something over to the family after the funeral on Tuesday so she made fudge and we went by for a 'quick visit' and ended up staying for a few hours  talking and laughing. At one point my mom started laughing at Candice and I and said, "You guys still finish each others sentences!" I had forgotten how much I enjoyed her company.

It was a really nice time, the four of us- together again just laughing and talking as if no time had passed.... let alone 10 years!

Candice and Stargret are just awesome people and I am thankful to know them!!

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