Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saying Good Bye

Weird how I keep getting drawn back to this building, to the people and the church I spent so many of my teenage years in and then walked away from... a baptism of a friend's child, a craft day and now a funeral.

As we walked in we were greeted by familiar faces with solemn smiles and hugs. We approach the viewing room, but I decide to stay outside. I don't want to see Dee'sbody... its sticks with me when I see people like that- Terry, Ron, Dave, Quint.... I just don't like it. I want to picture Dee with a huge smile on his face and full of life, the way he always was when I saw him. I didn't go in to say hi the family... or Candice. A missed opportunity because I didn't get to give her a hug and talk to her before the service ended and they followed the casket out for the processional.

The service was very nice. The Eulogy (given by Vince Lee) was quiet surprising... I really didn't know much about Dee and what he did with his life... a first wife and another son, a career in aviation control, parachuting for fun, a pilot, sealed in the Temple in 2000 with his wife and son, Jeff.  I didn't know any of that but I knew his family meant the world to him and he was a kind, generous man who truly loved and cared about other people.

Stargret's brother, commented that it is strange the he was asked to speak since it is not usual that you would get so attached to your sister's in laws, but the fact is they were attached to Dee (and Wanda). I can relate, how often do you get attached to your friend's grandparent?

The fact is I adored Dee just like my own grandparent. As many people mentioned today Dee just made you feel like he belonged and you belonged. He counted me as part of the family when I used to spend so much time with Candice (and in turn with him and Wanda)... church every Sunday, swimming at their house, vacationing together etc. He shared his love of fishing with me and when I vacationed with Candice and her family in Idaho there were days where Jeff, Dee and I would go out fishing solo. Even in later years after I left the church whenever I would see him he would give me a bear hug and act like I was his favorite person in the world.

I will miss Dee Thompson and although this is a time of mourning, Bishop Al Wolf was right to say this is also a time of celebration and rejoicing because Dee had his affairs in order and we know where he is now. Jeff, his son, takes all the comfort in the world in knowing that his family is sealed for time and all eternity and he will see his parents again someday. Although, I don't believe you have to go through a special ceremony to be sealed to your family I do believe families are forever and Dee is being reunited with his loved ones that have passed before him.

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  1. He is such a wonderful man & will be missed. I always think of going to heaven as this great reunion with your loved ones. Thank goodness for forever families.