Friday, November 18, 2011

Twilight Marathon

Blair and I had been looking forward to this movie coming out... well pretty much since the Eclipse movie came out and I read all the books within a week or two! When my FB friend Krystall posted about the Marathon I was instantly texting Blair to see if she wanted to do it- duh of course she did!

We snagged our tickets ($30 each!) and when I posted on FB about it another friend of mine Christina decided to join us.

Christina and Blair arrived just shortly before I did, but luckily the movie theater is a block from my office so I didn't have to take an PTO and got there just after they did. The line was long and we ended up in the front section of the theater BUT we got the last row which made leaving convenient (we just hoped over the back of our chairs) .

The whole thing was pretty exciting... goody bags with coupons for FREE Chipotle (um my total favorite place), popcorn and soda along with a lanyard and EDWARD souvenir cup.  It just delightful... sitting there with two really fun girlfriends, in a comfy theater watching an a amazing love story unfold... I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!

Blair, Me and Christina 

I was worried that it would be too much to sit through 3 movies before our 'featured presentation' but the timing and breaks were just perfect... there was plenty of time to get refills, snacks etc and have a bathroom break between each movie.

It was crazy to see all of the people lined up waiting for the midnight showing while we got to go in and relax and watch Eclipse... made me me feel very VIP : )

Despite the poor reviews from critiques the women in the theater , including the three of us, thought the movie was fantastic! I will buy it on DVD the second it comes out... And we call can't wait for the 5th and finally move to come out in November 2012!

Getting out of the parking lot after the movie was an absolute nightmare.... took me about 45 mins to get out.... luckily I took a few hours PTO on Friday morning so that I could sleep in before going to work.

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