Saturday, November 12, 2011


Since I have written about the Scrapbooks Etc yardsale so many times before I won't waste my time with details here... just know it is practically a holiday to me and my mom! We look forward to this 'event' for months and get giddy with anticipation for days before.

We made it to the doors about 9:35 AM and there were already about 20 people ahead of us in line! We both cleaned up on goodies and deals.

My favorite deal was this 'ribbon monster' for $25!!

Mom and I ate a quick lunch at 'our Subway' before heading back to our side of town.

After I dropped my mom off I barely made it to the house in time to meet up with Kenny and Donna for our Double Decker Bus Treasure Hunt !

We met at a neat little Bar (the name escapes me!) in downtown Phoenix for our debriefing and list of clues!

We of course choose to sit on the top deck which was pretty neat being so high up (the bus was higher than a semi!) The overhead passes sure did seem low! We happened to sit in the middle of a large group of older <drunk> senior citizens who could seem to hear each other unless they were yelling in our ears... We moved after the first stop! lol

The first stop was Heritage Square. We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather while we hunted for our answers. We thought we were so smart because we got all but one right... turns out most people did the same...

We had a little bit of a drive to our next destination which was the Old Scottsdale area. We had a picture diagram to follow which was a fun twist and even funnier that NO ONE followed the right way.... We made it as the 6th team back to the bus so no bonus points for us again!

The last stop was Mill Ave in Tempe- by far my favorite stop even though I didn't take any pictures. Although, Kenny and I both graduated from ASU we took all of our classes at the West campus so we didn't ever experience the downtown Tempe night life... This area is just too neat. We want to go back and do something like a progressive dinner and check out a few restaurants and shops.

By the time the Treasure Hunt wrapped up (no we didn't win... heck we didn't even place- although we did get most of the answers right) it was after 6PM and we were all starving so we decided to go to the Golden Corral. I have been to a number of buffets (the cruise ship, Vegas, Hometown buffet etc) and Golden Corral is by far my favorite, because the food doesn't taste like buffet food! We all really enjoyed our dinner and waddled out of there about 8:30.

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