Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

This year Black Friday officially started on Thanksgiving Thursday. Going in I thought it was a great idea that the stores were opening so early rather than making us wake up at 3, 4 or 5 AM to come in.... I think it is easier to stay up late than to get up early... later I would eat those words. 

I don't know how I did it, but somehow I got Kenny and my brother to agree to come with me this year.... they were both Black Friday Virgins. We began our adventure at Wal-mart... well we intended to, but there was seriously NO parking so we parked a good half mile away at Target (or next stop on the list) and walked over to Wal-mart. I was laughing so hard when Kenny and Brian help gasping and OMGing at the crowds and number of cars... Men have not idea about serious shopping huh!? 

Kenny doesn't like crowds... Wal-mart was so packed there is no way they were not violating fire codes... you couldn't even walk freely in the isles. Kenny opted to camp out in the greeting card isle with our stuff (since we didn't have a card and our hands were full) while Brian and hunted for all the deals through the mass of people. We all got pushed, heals ran over by carts and were drenched in sweat even though it was a cold night by the time we were done. We got most of everything on our list at Wal-mart ; cheap PJs for the boys, crockpots, tupperwear, Transformers, T-shirts , toys and more. The one item we didn't get was the $2.97 waffle iron which they were out of almost instantly. 

We made the 'hike' back to the car and had about 40 mins to wait before the next store opened; Target at midnight. We about 300 people deep and the line was wrapped around the building so we were waiting in the dark alley behind the store. A police car drove up and stopped my brother since he was away from the crowd smoking and asked what the crowd was all about. LMAO... he was an older man....

When we finally made it into the store we could have had our pick of any ad item... pretty shocking really... too bad we weren't in the market for a PS3, Wii or flat TV! We grabbed our items and got into the massive line. It ran very profitably and we were in and out in no time. 

Since our next store, Kohls had opened at midnight we walked in, got in line and took turns grabbing our desired items... Kohls was probably the worst line... we waited and waited and waited... Our lack of sleep was starting to set in as it approached 2 AM and we were loosing our enthusiasm... 

Our next stop was Game Stop. The guys picked out their games and I waited, and waited and waited in line. For such a small store I was surprised how long it took. 

Since Sears (or final stop) didn't open until 4 AM we decided to go to Denny's for some late night food or breakfast. We weren't the only ones who thought of this! It was packed too! And so we waited... Late night Denny's trips after the school dances or later after a night of drinking... somehow with it was different this time. Pure exhaustion. My brother and I got a case of the giggles so people probably thought we were drunk... I think Kenny was wondering too lol. After we ate I was feeling really sick and thought I might throw up... Brian did too. Not sure what the deal was, but it passed so we headed to our last stop; Sears. 

I happily snagged the Mario sweat outfits (sweat pants, tshirt and jacket included) I had been eying for the boys for just $10 each originally marked $54 each and Kenny got himself a super duper jack... I usually don't like to let people pick out their own gifts, but I knew I wouldn't be able to pull of getting that 100 lb monster in secret. 

We finally got home at about 6:30 AM up for almost 24 hours.... Both Men said they would never do it again and it wasn't worth it, although I think they enjoyed the adventure more than they will admit. It was the best Black Friday ever for me and I got about 80% of our shopping done in one night! Who needs sleep anyway?? 

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