Thursday, December 1, 2011


The countdown to Christmas has begun- I can hardly believe it is the first of December already! Today at lunch Kenny and I dropped off our SECOND annual countdown to Christmas using books for the Ross family! I just love how excited they are about it and how even more excited Zack is just to see us (ME!). If you talk about spreading Christmas cheer and need to get some... the Ross house is where you can stock up! The Ross kids are always so happy and smiley. Last year Michelle enjoyed the countdown so much she made me an entire Scrapbook with pictures from each day when they did they did their family time and opened and read the books : ) 

I didn't get a chance to do my usual awesome wrapping (I am so humble huh?) so their are no bows or extras... just books wrapped; so I decided to include a muffin tin countdown too! 
I didn't do one this year for my brother's boys... sadly they really don't share the passion for books that I do and apparently got bored with it last year. SO this year I am doing a 12 day countdown for them. 

I use, used books, because... 24 NEW books would be outrageously expensive... This year I totally lucked out... Savers by my work had an amazing selection of Childrens Christmas books for $.69 each AND buy 4 get the 5th FREE AND I got 25% for signing up for their red card savings pass!! Woot Woot! So I ended up spending just over $10 on all the books where last year I spent over $30!! 

Anyway, I am slowly getting into the Christmas Spirit.... now to tackle decorating and get the tree up! 

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