Friday, November 4, 2011

Jewelry Party

There was a time I was too nervous to have parties and house guest, but now I will take an excuse I can find to have a get together at my house! When Blair decided to have a Lia Sophia party a few weeks ago I knew I would have one shortly after!

I was a little disappointed that so many people texted or called me the day of my party to cancel, but it really worked out just fine. The 6 of us could all fit comfortably in the front room and watch Emma run a muck!

Since we went to the fair a few days before and I had seen an idea on Pinterest for Salad on a stick I decided to make Fair themed food! I made the Salad on a stick, corn dogs, caramel apples and even found some chips that would give the same type of flavor as Indian fry bread (not that fluffy texture though!) Everyone seemed really impressed with the spread of food which is always a boost of confidence : )

Although it was a VERY stormy night and the reported worst traffic/travel time was between 5-6 PM (my party started at 6) everyone made it just fine.

We sat around and munched, talked and looked at pretty jewelry. I always feel bad about having these types of parties, because people will buy things that they don't really want just because they feel obligated so I made sure to make it clear to all of my guests that there was NO obligation to buy.... unfortunately my Jewelry lady Connie was super high pressure... yikes. I did end up hosting a 'qualified' show so I got to pick some items for free and some at a hefty discount! Woot Woot

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