Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving #3

Most of the family had to work on Thanksgiving day so Michelle hosted a the Big Meal on Sunday so that everyone (except Andy and Joanna) could come.

It was such a beautiful day so we spent lots of time outside playing with the 3 adorable Ross kiddos.
Matt- could this kid be any cuter loosing his pants??? 
Matt and his Grandma (Nanette) 
I made more pies. SIDE STORY: The pies dripped and oozed all over the door and down to the bottom of the stove leaving a horrible black mess.... I decided to use the self cleaning option and soon black smoke was barreling out of the stove!! We quickly opened all of the doors and windows and 4 hours later we had a new clean stove!!

Emma - Can you see her adorable pig tails? 

Kenny sharing his pie 

The whole family 
Michelle used a brine on the turkey this year and although she felt like it tasted pretty much the same I thought it had a deliciously moist flavor and it literally fell off the bones when Trevor tried to carve it. All the fixin's were excellent too.

After dinner and dishes we were all sitting around (maybe trying not to doze) and watched the kids dance- simply adorable.

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