Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Today when I woke up my heart fluttered with excitement, I though, "Today is Thanksgiving I finally get to see my Grandma"... I of course quickly realized my mistake and cried.

I climbed out of bed and let Kenny sleep a while longer and just lounged around watching TV and playing on the computer. Finally I couldn't wait any longer and woke Kenny up to go get us a newspaper so we could look at all the Black Friday deals! (BTW he had to get up anyway since he had offered to drive the boys to Crystals house for their visit). While Kenny was gone taking the boys I started making the pies...

Since I was making 3 different pies for 2 different days I decided to cheat and buy premade crusts to save time. I made everyone's favorites- pumpkin for Brian, Pecan for my dad and Apple for Kenny. Although they came out looking a little ugly they tasted just fine!

Kenny and my brother showed up just as the last pie hit the oven. Then played their PS3 game while I got ready to head over to my moms.

My family seems to eat very fast and no one lingers long to chat. Before I knew it the feast my mom had cooked was eaten and the men had scattered - out front smoking, in the other room playing video games and napping.

Mom and I watched Eclipse (so excited she loves the Twilight series now too!) while I poured over the ads for Black Friday and I made my lists.

Tonight is going to be a blast!

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures besides the pies... I was just in a downer mood and the boys weren't there so I totally forgot.

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