Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Since my mom has been taking care of my grandma we wanted to have a laid back, stay in, girl's day for Mother's Day this year. My poor grandma was really sick that day (this was the second of the her really bad days) and slept most of the day. She barely had the energy to open her gift (just Bath and Body lotion and a new top). She kept apologizing that she couldn't eat and telling me it slept so good. (She brought that up on Monday and Tuesday too). I went a little over board on my mom's gifts this year, because I really wanted to spoil her since she is going through so much. I got her a an awesome new purse, PJs, lotion and Kenny got her socks with balls on them. The PJ's I bought her I had also bought for grandma awhile back so they are twins now with their pink PJs covered with dogs.

I went to the redbox and rented a few movies, prepared some make-in-take type projects for my mom to do and picked up lunch at Sonic (my mom LOVES hotdogs). My mom really enjoyed the projects and said it was a nice break. She hasn't been crafting in a long time. 

We watched Country Strong and another one I can't even remember.  For dinner I made Cornish Hen's stuffed with cheesy rice and mushrooms. My dad joined us (mom and I) for dinner and is doing very well - I am so proud of him.

It stinks that grandma couldn't do much, but we were with her and I know that means something to her. I think my mom enjoyed the day and I know I did. We didn't take our traditional Mother's Day pictures for obvious reasons.

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