Friday, May 6, 2011


I had purchased an 'Eco Friendly Bag Building' class at Zoe's Trunk from Groupon (big surprise I know) and tonight was the only night I could go... I thought about canceling with everything that is going on. Kenny was on his way home from Nevada tonight, but was going to visit his Nana (since she had a pacemaker put in today) and wouldn't be home all evening. Also, with my Great Uncle John in town visiting Grandma, my mom was able to go home and spend some time with dad, so I felt justified in going... sort of (plus I didn't want to lose my $19).

It was SO nice to work on a project and just be thinking of sewing and cutting etc rather than the heavier worries on my plate. Crafting really is a stress reliever for me... 

The bag only took about an hour to complete and that was with some waiting time while others caught up... I am a fast sewer which is a blessing and a curse lol. If I can find the supplies reasonable priced, this says Christmas presents all over it to me... PLUS I have a pay -it-forward project I need to complete that this would work for as well.  

The next night (Friday night) I escaped for a few more hours to a craft night my buddy, Jackie had invited me to a couple month ago. I didn't stay long, but I did stay long enough to learn how to make this cute duck tape purse and flower embellishment! 

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