Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Borrowers

Another Groupon deal determined our Saturday entertainment... The deal was 1/2 off play tickets to see The Borrowers! It seemed like great fun... to me, but I am not always on the mark with what the boys will enjoy. I remember reading The Borrowers when I was a kid and really enjoying the book.  Its about little people (like 2 inches tall ) that live under the floor boards of a house).
Jacob and Little Brian
We arrived in Tempe about an hour early so we stopped at Tempe Town Lake to kill some time. We looked at boats and the boys oowed and awwed about what they saw and asked us tons of questions. We were about to leave when we saw a giant grassy hill... it was clear to me what we should do next, but the boys had no idea. Kenny instructed little Brian to lay down and gave him a little nudge and sent him giggling with joy down the bill. Jacob saw this and joined right it. Little Brian asked me to join in the fun... I tried the excuse I am too old and he said, Just try Aunt Amanda. I can't argue with that! So I joined them for a few 'rolls' down the hill. It was actually super fun, and as pointed out by Kenny probably what we will remember the most from that day : ) 
Jacob, Little Brian and Me 

The boys! 
The theater was filled with kids and Kenny couldn't have been happier (this is a sarcastic comment if you didn't guess), but he was such a good sport and helped take turns with the boys on his lap and took Little Brian to the restroom in the middle of the play.

 The play was cute, but just didn't hold their attention very well... there were some kid funny parts that they got a kick out of, but for the most part they were bored. Little Brian likes to let out and exasperated yawn when he is bored... I loved how they used shadows to portray how small the borrowers were, but I don't think the boys understood that. It was even worse after intermission (after they had smelled freedom- ha ha ). Jacob was being very whining and complaining he was hungry and wanted to leave. He said, "I never want to come back here" It was cute, and I told him that was fine, however he needed to sit still and watch the rest of the show... he ended up on my lap for the last 30 mins of the play.  Little Brian was VERY patient and well behaved even though he wanted to leave. When the play was over and everyone started clapping their eyes light up and they asked if they could leave.

Little Brian, Jacob and Me 
After the play we went out to dinner at The Chuck Box for burgers. Jacob didn't want to eat anything but popcorn so rather than waste the money on his meal that he would eat anyway we just let him have popcorn... Little Brian ate ALL of his food and still seemed hungry so Kenny asked him to 'help' him finish his burger and Little Brian agreed to help him. It was pretty cute. 

When it was time to say good-bye Jacob cried and cried. Little Brian used to be the one who always threw a fit when we had to drop them off, but I don't remember him sobbing in this way... We purchased a HUGE (3 foot) bag of popcorn as a peace offering/bribe to avoid the crying... it didn't work. He didn't care about the popcorn in the least and had to give me 3-4 hugs before he would let us leave and he was still sobbing like we would never see him again. Poor kid. 

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