Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue House

Before it was our house it was my grandma Taylor's house where my dad grew up. It doesn't even seem like the same house, but I remember going there for holiday dinners or spending the night in the fold out bed in the spare room (later my brothers room and once my dad's room!). My grandma Taylor would always have projects going on like dates (the fruit) drying out or candy suckers setting in her back room. I remember her little white dog chipper and the Tupperware stencils she had in the toy bin. The house was green then and had a beautiful yellow rose bush right by the front door. Her yard was always lush and fun to play in and roll around in when we were little. 

After my parents bought the house and remodeled it it didn't seem like the same house at all! The outside was painted blue, the brown paneling removed from the walls, and a wall put up to divide the two living room areas and create another bedroom. My dad remember from when he was a kid a door way hidden in the wall! When the paneling came down the door was there. Every weekend my grandparents were over helping my parents with a project... from carpeting the house to repainting the cupboards. 

This house is where- 

we had Sunday dinners
I prepared for prom 
I graduated from high school 
I got my first job 
I learned to drive 
I fell in love with my Kenny 
we made our wedding invitations 

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