Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bowling with the boys

I had purchased a deal on living social for 2 hours of bowling for up to 5 people, including shoe rental, 2 orders of nachos and a pitcher of soda all for $20! So, we picked up the boys and Krissy on Sunday afternoon to go bowling. 

As always the boys impressed me with their abilities! Jacob is adorable to watch bowl. The ball is practically half his size, but he is strong and does really well. I think he is going to be a lefty since he always favors that hand. He puts his left fingers in the ball, but rolls it from his right hip... might do better if he had a left handed coach to watch! He fared pretty well and beat me BOTH games! 

Brian Jr


Little Brian taking a picture of Kenny bowling 

Little Brian 
Little Brian is Mr. Personality and always makes me laugh with his silly comments or his 'dance moves'. 

Jacob threw a fit when it was time to go home. He puffs out his bottom lip and asks "why?" when we tell him its time to go home. He always wants to come to our house, which I love, BUT how do I show them that they should be happy that we came to visit even though they couldn't spend the night? I am really struggling with trying to teach them appreciation and gratefulness... 

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