Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quarter Mile

We finally took our truck to the track. Saturday night seemed like an okay time to get away and have a little fun. When I told grandma we were going she said, "Oh good." and when she said good-bye to Kenny she told him, "Good Luck." It was cute. 

Chris, Kenny and I drove out to Speedworld in Wittman. It was a special event night so there were loads of fun cars to watch and listen to. We even saw a 6.7 second TRUCK! 

6.7 truck 
It was loud and burnt rubber, smoke and gasoline fumes filled the air. I loved it! 

I raced the truck first... This was my first time racing (at the track) and I was a little nervous, but Kenny road with me. I hesitated off the line, but still got a great time of 15.5 seconds in the quarter mile and got up to 87 MPH- not bad for a 5,500 lb truck! The truck I raced beat me by two tenths of a second, but he had NOS! 

Red Truck- Me and hunk of junk Black truck... the one that beat me! 
I joined my cousin on the sidelines and we watch Kenny run the truck a few times. Kenny of course did the best and on one of his runs he got 15.3 seconds. He even had another truck request to race against him! 

Red blur- Kenny Black Blur- a VW he beat... by a lot
After the races we went to Chillis for dinner. That seems to be the place we go with out of town guests...

Who: Chris Kruger, Kenny and Me
What: Raced our 2007 Dodge Ram 
Where: Speedworld - Wittman, AZ 
When: Saturday, May 14,2011 7PM 
Why: To see how fast the truck is on the 1/4 mile

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