Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I think this blog gave me some good luck! I have been searching for about 9-10 months for Piano and after reading her blog post I did my regular craiglist search and found one! The timing couldn't have been worse with my grandma's condition and all... with the encouragement of my mom I made the selfish decision to go ahead and pursue the purchase. If you have ever bought anything from craigslist you know, you generally have to act fast to get the good deals. I called up my brother and a friend to see if they were willing to make the drive out to Mesa to get the Piano and lucky for me they were! 

Although the ad had a picture, when the guys brought the Piano through our front door I was shocked at the condition! It is is much nicer than I expected AND it matches our furniture pretty well! It is in need of a good cleaning and tuning, but it is playable! (Side note: I didn't really think I had much of a musical ear and probably don't, but I could defiantly tell certain keys were not right) 

We ordered pizza for all our 'workers'. I still feel weird that people would do me a favor like this and not even expect anything from me, but I am SO thankful they were willing! Our friend Jereme and his brother Nathan, my brother and Kenny spent their whole evening just to do this for little ol' me. 

I started taking lessons last August and haven't been very diligent about studying or keeping up with my lessons... When we found out my grandma was so sick I decided to take a hiatus from piano for a while (I pretty much cleared my schedule of everything). It is SO much different playing on a piano verses a keyboard... sure the keys are the same and make the same sound (sort of), but the feel of the piano keys is so much different. When you hit the piano key it makes a soft or loud noise depending on how you hit the key... the keyboard makes the same sound weather you intentionally hit that key or accidentally bump it AND the volume of the sound is all based on how high you have the volume turned up. When I would practice on the keyboard and then 'test' at my lesson on the piano and would play so quietly because I didn't hit the keys with enough force. Plus I now have damper petals, which the keyboard was lacking. 

The really funny thing is I paid $150 for that keyboard and I just got this piano for $150 (granted I need to get it tuned and cleaned which will probably be $100 too). I am hoping to sell the keyboard on craiglist and put that money toward tuning. 

Now to figure out where to put it... 

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