Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupid Tradition

You have heard about it before and before that and even before that, but the 'Cupid' AKA Bird AKA Sugar Fairy tradition continues... but with a NEW expanded version.

This year I am took on 4 recipients (Kenny, Brian Jr, Jacob and Brian) ! It was actually easier and cheaper to shop for larger bags that I could split up and repackage, rather than individually packaged goodies.

Each night Kenny and I would ride our bikes (or on busy nights just drive) over to my parents house and drop off the goodies in my brother's car (I am special enough to have my own key!) so the boys would see it in the morning... The boys brought it up almost daily and asked why we were giving them treats... I kept telling them it wasn't me, it was cupid... by day 10 maybe they started to believed me...naw they knew it was us all along. It was fun though. 

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  1. Aaawww...you are the nicest Aunt & Uncle! Those boys are so lucky to have you guys.