Friday, February 10, 2012

Motorcycle class

Riding a street motorcycle has been on my 'bucket list' even before I made a list... My dad and my Grandma Taylor used to ride all the time. They had street bikes and dirt bikes. They spent a lot of time at Roosevelt riding and camping. I know my dad rode up until after my brother was born and if they could have afforded to have multiple vehicles he would have kept riding, but it just wasn't practical for a family of three... and my mom said grocery shopping was a huge pain. 

Anyway, it is something I really wanted to try and Kenny bought me a Groupon for an intro to motorcycling class. I was really happy he signed up too and we ended up having a really great night. 

The first part of the class was all inside listening to lectures and videos. I am better at learning by doing, but one thing that Kenny had tried to tell me numerous times (the neutral is between 1st and 2nd gear) finally sunk in from looks at a diagram. The teacher, Grey, was really awesome and if we go back for our licensing class Kenny and I both agreed we need to request him. 

After we filled out a diagram on the board labeling all the major controlling components of the bike it was time to gear up and pick out a bike. 

We spent a lot of time identifying components before we even turned over the engine. They do a really great job with the structure of the class, because there really wasn't a time in the class where I was overwhelmed or nervous... of course we didn't get out of first gear, but still.

I was surprised to learn that street bikes and dirt bikes were so similar and was thankful for the (limited) knowledge I had. 

It was SO much fun and although I am not ready for a street bike I am saving up for a new dirt bike : ) 

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