Saturday, February 11, 2012

Overdue 2

Somehow we let an entire month pass before we could get together for the twins b-day party. The original party was cancelled due to Trevor being in the hospital (poor guy), but I didn't want their 2nd birthday to go celebrated (with us at least). So Kenny and I joined the Ross family and for their Saturday night church service and made the evening into a celebration.

The fun REALLY got started when Nanette (AKA their grandma got there). All three kids got SO excited and squeal, while dancing toward the door to greet her. I do have to say Zack gets pretty excited when he sees me too... I am not sure why he likes me so much, but I like it : ) 

We had pizza, bread sticks and salad and then headed off to their church Pure Heart.  

Pure Heart is a lot like our church Radiant and I really loved it. This week's sermon was the first in a three part series called Money Tree... this first one was called "Enough" and was about contentment. Did you know there over 2300 verses in the Bible that have to do with money? Crazy right? This sermon was centered on 1 Timothy 6:6-9. It was really good and I liked the phrase he kept repeating," There's nothing wrong with having stuff, its when stuff has us." So true.

Anyway, Zack and Nanette road with us to and from the church and it was fun to listen to Zack's million mile a minute gibberish. Its not that you can't understand him, because he actually talks very clearly for his age, but what he says doesn't always make sense :) He did remember that we needed to go home and eat the cake we  had left on the counter... seriously he remembered the cake and that it was on the counter. Smarty pants.

Emma is excited for Cake 

As we sang Happy Birthday to the twins, Emma was very anxious to try out the cake and stuck her hand in the frosting. Just to even things out, Michelle encouraged Matt to try a little and he said, "No, hot." Pretty smart if you ask me, he knew that flame on the candle meant hot.



So this is a picture of the cake BEFORE it left our house... I only had about 45 minutes to decorate this cake and NO COACH (Kenny the ex-bakery manager) so it was the first cake I completely decorated on my own. It didn't come out the way I pictured in my head, but I was still pretty proud of it.

UNFORTUNATELY, I used whipped cream frosting... and well... it doesn't travel well. As one point on the car ride over Kenny noticed the top layer was a good inch off the bottom layer... 

Oh yeah and I died the cake blue and pink to represent Emma and Matt. 

I was really excited about this gift too... I think the kids will be once their parents put it together for them! Lol Sarah went in with Kenny and I on this gift too.

The cake (from box mixes) was pretty tasty. I think Emma was the biggest fan... the devoured a pretty large piece of cake... and then proceeded to lick her fingers and even the table. It was pretty adorable. Matt ate a little, but Michelle pointed out he is the meat eater. I thought that was pretty interesting, because my brother's boys are like that too- one likes sweets (Jacob) and the other favors meat (Little Brian).

Kenny and I really enjoyed the evening. Kenny said it was probably one of his favorite times with them. The kids were just so happy it was hard not to catch the happiness bug around them tonight.... now I have to figure out to make this happen more often... 

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