Friday, February 17, 2012

Bunko night

While we were at the twins b-day party last week Nanette offered me her spot at her church bunko night since she wouldn't be able to make it. Although, I am a big fat chicken about meeting new people I agreed and Michelle and I made a night of it.

We met at Smashburger - have you eaten there!?? Holy cow its delicious and I can't wait to take Kenny to try it. Michelle bought my dinner... even though I refused she insisted and said it was her random act of kindness for the week. She explained that her mom and her have been doing this for a while... searching for someone to do something random and kind for... She told me it always comes back 10 fold... I totally believe in this too and try to do the same, although I don't do it as actively as I should. She told me a story about a woman who picked up her tab at Wal-mart when she was she was low on money and waiting for payday. Its awesome when people do things like that... I need to open my eyes to more opportunities to help or just make someone's day better.

After chatting for well over an hour (and I am sure we could have gone longer!) we headed over to the church. They have a pretty good size group so it made it pretty fun. They are serious about staying on task and getting through the 3 games which doesn't leave much time for chit chat (which I am terrible at anyway). The games went quickly and I met a few new people. I even ended up winning a door prize which always make the night a little more fun!

It was a fun night and would have been even more fun if Michelle and I weren't both worried about our sick households. Emma has a 'surgery' earlier in the week for a MRSA outbreak. Poor little thing had to have a boil type infection removed from her little bottom... Michelle said they gave her some medication, but because of her size they couldn't put her to sleep for it.... I can't image having to hold your little baby while they go through that : ( Also, Kenny was off work today fighting some sort of cold/flu virus and Trevor might be getting it as well...

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