Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Brian is 7!

Little Brian choose to got to Wazee World to play Laser Tag for his birthday. We went on Wednesday night because they had a deal. Laser is SO much fun, running around and hiding with the boys. They almost always stay with me which make us easy targets, but they don’t care. The equipment is SO big and heavy for Jacob. The vest is almost bigger than him, but he is such a trooper and plays along juggling his gun and trying to hold the vest onto his body. Little Brian won the first game and he was SO proud of himself it was just adorable.

When we dropped Taylor boys off at their house I was on the back porch talking to my parents and Kenny was inside with the boys and Little Brian told him, “Its funner when you guys are here” Ahhh melt my heart!!

In the morning of his 7th birthday Kenny and I came over bright and early and helped decorate his room and fill the floor with balloons. He was so cute with his sleepy eyes and scratchy voice, “So I am 7 now?” We said yes and he smiled.

The Monster Truck Cake Kenny and I made for Little Brian 

That evening we had a little party for him. I had got a screaming deal on a home laser tag set at a second hand store and couldn’t wait for him to open it! We started playing with it right away and were in the back yard when Crystal and Krissy showed up. Crystal just walked in like nothing was wrong… she hasn’t seen or called her boys since Thanksgiving and then just showed up at Little Brian’s party. My mom gave her a warm welcome and invited them to stay for Pizza and Cake. It was awkward, but it made Little Brian’s day. He was SO happy to see her. My brother took a walk and missed the rest of the party : ( Little Brian was upset that his dad missed his party but he was also happy to have seen his mom…

Brian, Kenny and Little Brian 

Crystal and Little Brian 

Singing happy birthday to the 7 year old 

Jacob and Krissy 

Crystal and Little Brian 

Crystal and the boys 

Jacob, Crystal, Little Brian and Krissy 

Oh and we had to do our traditional silly string attack to finish off his birthday!

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