Saturday, June 25, 2011

Too Much

Its true. I have been known to over book our lives... I like to be busy, but sometimes it gets to be too much. This may have been one of those weekends. Kenny wanted to go to the cabin for the day so that he could fix the a vent that had broken in the trailer (again!), but I was already signed up for the Sewing Sampler class at Scrapbooks Etc... he said said he didn't mind going on his own so he headed North and I headed East! The sewing class was fun and we made a nice little set of kitchen accessories- a plastic bag holder, hot pad and potato bag (you microwave potatoes in it).

I splurged and bought this kit to make this gorgeous Halloween Apron... Look I know I don't cook, but I just love to collect Aprons! They are just so cute.

After class I hit a few yardsales (very few because it was getting HOT). I ended up getting a BOX of hardback books for $2... I couldn't review all the titles before I purchased them because they were so stinkin' hot! There are some Bible studies, a Beth Moore book and more... heck ONE of those books would have cost more than that on amazon. I also got some cute high heals and a few other items.
Meanwhile Kenny had driven up the cabin and was enjoying the weather and chatting with his Nana. When he worked on fixing the trailer she was right by his side holding the ladder and helping him out. She is never one to sit back when there is work to be done. They went out for lunch at the local steakhouse and both enjoyed Kobe burgers (a new found favorite for Kenny). They hung out for awhile, but Kenny wasn't feeling to great so he headed home.

That evening we had plans to have dinner with Jereme and Melodi and then go check out our first Flash Mob. We got a Rotisserie chicken, Cesar salad and mashed potatoes from Costco all for just $20.

Kenny really wasn't feeling up to going out, but encouraged us to go.. so we did and he rested while we were gone. 

We had thought about participating in the Flash Mob, but weren't sure what to expect and didn't have the time to learn the dance so we just decided to go and watch. The Venue was a really neat place called Dos Gringos in Old Scottsdale. 
We had some snacks and waited for the 9 PM. I was cool how you could feel the vibe that something was going to happen. We noticed different people who might be involved and others who would be totally surprised by it. It didn't happen till about 9:10, but when the song same on people popped up and took a place out in the open areas. Although the mob took place in the middle of the outdoor seating of the restaurant/bar it was a little more 'expected' in that venue than say a grocery store where it would be completely unexpected.

The whole place was filled with smiles and laughter. I think everyone enjoyed the Flash Mob experience. 

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