Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I think Melodi and I were the most excited when we discovered we could purchased 1/2 off tickets to the Circus for opening night as neither one of us had ever been. Kenny and I decided to take the boys too and make an event of it.

I really don't think they boys knew what to expect, but they are pretty excited to go anywhere we take them (at least in the beginning ha ha ). 

We took the boys to eat at McDonalds before we headed off to catch the pre-show entertainment. The pre-show was pretty awesome. The boys (and I) got to try on authentic circus costumes! I was surprised how heavy they were! 

Little Brian 


Brian, Me and Jacob 

They also got to meet clowns-
Little Brian, the clown and Jacob
And try a dance-

Jacob looking at the elephant and holding on to Uncle Kenny 
The boys sat and stared and were very quiet during the entire show....
 At intermission we went out to get them some souvenirs and snacks... I was SO disappointed to find out the light toys were $20 each ... I just couldn't justify spending $40 on toys that would be history in a week after we had already paid for tickets, parking and dinner.  We settled for $12 cotton candy that came with a hat. They were quite pleased!

Little B 'juggling' 
Elephants- my favorite part! 

I wasn't sure they boys even liked the show, because they didn't say much at all the entire night... until we got in the car to drive them home. They were little chatter boxes talking about the different things they saw and heard. I think their favorite sight was the elephant pooping into a giant shovel (not part of the show). 

We dropped the boys off just after 10PM hopped up on soda and cotton candy- best part of being Aunt and Uncle! Ha ha Brian Sr! 

My brother later reported that the boys would put the hat on and pretend to juggle :) I think they had fun! Next year I will be more prepared to pay the crazy prices! 

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