Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bad Day, Great night

Today was a terrible day at work. I felt like I am getting dumped on big time by my coworkers, under appreciated by management and I am already behind since I was gone for 5 days of bereavement leave with my grandma. There have been several changes recently to help relieve another underwriter's work load that have been directly related to increasing mine... I am currently training Jereme to underwrite commercial lines BOPs which will be great once he is up and running, but in the mean time that is taking even more time from my desk. Plus an agent unjustifiably complained about my service (which makes me so mad... its one thing if I am at fault, but they flat out lied to my boss). On top of all that today was the annual CPCU golf outing and 1/2 the department was out of the office and left me as their back up... ON TOP OF THAT I was not invited to participate this year which I did last year...  Bummer bummer bummer. I know boo hoo, but sometimes lots of little things make me crazy.

I go out to lunch practically ever day and really wanted to leave, but had made plans with Jereme to study CPCU. Ugh. It turned out to be really great for me. This is the course I have taken 4 times and failed 4 times. Our boss Doug solicited him to help 'tutor' me... I have never had a tutor nor needed one, but I am grateful now! He is an excellent teacher AND this legal system is basically what his degree is in! 

The afternoon went by quickly and then I got a call from my dad. He got a flat tire on his work truck and was stranded at a place that is right on my way home! I felt bad for him so I went up to sit with him while he waited... It cracked me up when I pulled up and saw his bare foot hanging out the window :) I don't think his day was going as bad as I thought.
 The tire guy was almost there so I took off and picked up my mom for the 10 card extravaganza at the Creative Quest in downtown Glendale. I am getting spoiled having her around so much and able to go do fun things with me. 

Most of the cards were for men... since we don't have that many men left in our families we only chose to make there four cards: 

 I also was surprised to learn that I had won a door prize at another make n take I attended there a few weeks back!
After I dropped my mom off I went home to find this handsome, awesome, dude making me the worlds BEST steak! Seriously it was so good. We had potatoes, corn and steak all off the grill. Yum. 

Side note: I tried to donate blood the other day and my iron was too low so they wouldn't let me... Kenny said we need to eat more steak then! lol woo hoo for low iron : ) 

Kenny and Shelby

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  1. Sorry your day sucked at work. Horray for thoughtful husbands! I really want some steak now...