Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I sort of feel like Barney from How I Met Your Mother when it comes to this challenge (he always thinks people are putting him up to a challenge when they even mention something and they aren't challenging HIM at all). During the craft party my friend Janesse mentioned her sister had put out a challenge to her family to organize something each day for the next week... sounded like a fun idea to me! SO I did it and it felt good! I could only participate Sunday thru today since my cousin came into town on Thursday and then we went camping. 

Sunday- Master Closet- I spent 2 1/2 hours working on our master closet Sunday eveningThis is supposed to be a walk in closet... but it has gotten so crowded you can only tip toe in there... Part of the problem was my cedar chest was moved in there when my brother was living here and we just never moved it back out... instead we just stacked stuff on top of it.  I took everything out, vacuumed and dusted the shelves and base boards... which had not been done since we moved here in 2005! My hubby ended up getting ride of an entire bag of shoes (woot woot!) and a few clothing items and I got ride of 3 garbage bags of clothes. Well I haven't actually gotten ride of the items because I am trying to decide if I should have a yard sale or just donate the items. Plus I want to try a crochet rug I saw out of old t-shirts...
 2 1/2 hours later - taa dah!
Day 2- Monday- Kitchen island- This project was another 2 1/2 hour project. I was so irritated that this one door wouldn't shut all the way,  so this project was a high priority. When we first moved here and unpacked everything we had... the island was empty! Now we have SO many appliances and gadgets they can't all fit in the island and are stuffed in both pantries and the hall closet! Sadly we barely even cook! I am happy to report after my project ALL appliances happily live in the island now : ) When Kenny walked in from the gym he said "wow it smells lemony in here" I guess I went a little crazy with the pledge. Ha ha - but it looks SO much better! I will probably freecycle my old kitchen towels and misc items I need to get rid of... 




Day 3- Dresser- 45 mins -Tuesday- Dresser - Tuesday night I had plans with my buddy, Blair for dinner so a big project was out of the question... The dresser took Kenny and I about 45 mins. It went from this - 

 to this!
I threw away all my socks and bought a new package :) Need to get some new chonies too... Kenny actually said, "Thank you for making me do this, I found so many black socks I didn't know I had!" LOL so awesome. 

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