Thursday, June 16, 2011

Etc Buck Auction

Scrapbooks Etc has a new program where you can earn Etc bucks... well since we don't live very close we don't accumulate many bucks, but we decided to go to the auction anyway. I had seven bucks and my mom had three bucks. They had some really nice items they were auctioning off.. like homemade quilts, aprons, bags etc.
I was lucky enough to find an apron in the 'buck store' to buy. It was a fun little trip out to Mesa, but we both agreed we wouldn't go back next time unless we had more bucks. 


  1. Wait, a trip to Mesa without you stopping to see me and Isabelle? Sadness!

  2. Also, where's the post about your craft party? Slacker! ;)

  3. Amberle, you have no idea what a slacker I have been... I have stuff from April I need to finish blogging about!