Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rockin Weekend

 We hadn't planned on babysitting the boys this weekend, but once given the opportunity I can never pass up time with them! We had a Groupon for Rockin R Ranch out in Mesa that was expiring Monday so I quickly made our reservation and purchased tickets for the boys ($22 each for kids! So much for saving money with a Groupon!) We picked up the boys on Friday afternoon and decided it would be fun to try to find some Cowboy clothes for the boys to wear to "The Cowboy Cookout" I was surprised how excited they got to pick out clothes! We really lucked out at Other Mothers and got them both nice pants, western looking shirts, cowboy hats and boots for little Brian. We didn't end up finding boots for Jacob, so he settled for 'work boots' and was very pleased with them. The boys really wanted guns to go with their cowboy clothes so we went to Walmart (because you know I can't say no) and bought cap guns. We bought one set, so they each had a gun and a holster and it works out perfect that one of them is right handed and one is left handed. Since the set only came with one belt Kenny had to 'make' them another one out of an old belt he had. It came out great!

Little Brian 

For dinner we went to Kenny's favorite little Pizza place in Surprise. The boys just love Pizza !

Jacob sure knows how to eat a good Pizza! 

Saturday we mostly bummed around all day and then in the late afternoon got all dressed up and ready for the what the boys kept calling, The Cowboy Cookout. They were just too cute in their clothes!!

We got to the place early enough to try the gold panning, see a magic show, taste test some biscuits cooked in a dutch oven and see an old fashion medicine man show. The guy who did the Medicine show was really great. He told his whole story in Pig Latin!

Then it was time for dinner. We ate BBQ chicken, beef brisket, beans and baked potatoes on tin plates. The emcee joked that the meat had rattlesnake sauce on it which really freaked Little Brian out and he didn't want to eat his food. Kenny and I were a little frustrated the boys barely ate  (Jacob did okay) because of the price we paid for the meal, but what can you do?

The 'show' was just a music show so I was a little worried the boys would get bored of it, but they seemed to really enjoy it. Kenny and I liked it a lot. After the music show their was a pretty neat gun show outside which of course the boys loved and kept talking about.

It was a pretty expensive activity and I doubt I would go back, but it was a fun thing to do once.

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