Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunny California

This entire trip generated from a coupon I found on the side of my grandma's diet coke! Buy one get one free admission to Six Flags, Magic mountain! Kenny has been wanting to go back (its been 6 years since we have been) so it got me thinking... I text messaged my cousins and asked if they were interested in going... they said yeah! I asked grandma and once she worked out some details with her oxygen company she was in too! ROAD TRIP!

Friday Kenny and I worked a half day and picked up my grandma about lunch time and headed out of town!
We stopped and had some lunch at Chester's Chicken... it was the worst chicken ever and became the butt of our jokes all weekend.

When we arrived at the Kruger house, everyone was waiting there for us (Jason came up from San Diego).
A passerby was nice enough to take our picture: Kenny, Me, Aunt Mei-lan, Uncle Rick, Vanessa, Chris, Grandma, Jason and Hana
The boys both got new cars so we tried to get them in with their cars (Chris' black Honda Civic is behind them).

Uncle Rick bought us some pizzas for dinner and we all sat around and talked. The house was full with 8 people staying there and I loved it! It reminded me of Christmas years ago when the Krugers use to come to our house for a week or so.

Saturday morning all the "kids" (which I don't feel like we should be included in haha) headed out to Six Flags for the day-

we rode lots of roller coasters...
played games
and won! (Kenny beat me both games, but I got the prize!)
Jason beat Hana both games and she got the prize too!
And we rode MORE roller coasters

Even with the motion sickness medicine, Bonine, that I took ... I still felt sick after the 4th or 5th ride. There were no lines and I never thought I would pray for lines just to rest! LOL
Saturday night Uncle Rick and Aunt Mei-lan treated us all to Tony Roma's-- yummo best ribs ever! When we got back to the house we had white peach pie... I would venture to guess it was the highlight of my grandma's weekend! She was super excited about having it. Those California white peaches are amazing... I bet that is what the fruit tasted like in the Garden of Eden! WOW.
Sunday morning Uncle Rick took Kenny and I with him on his running route... it was so beautiful!
under the freeway!
through the amazing park
He says the trail is like a little country tucked in the middle of the city (and I agree!)
We all relaxed and chatted the rest of the morning while watching golf.

Aunt Mei-lan made all 9 of us a huge breakfast before we headed home-
Sadie wanted some too!
It was a wonderful weekend and I am SO glad my grandma decided to go with us. She is so much fun to be around. She makes us all laugh with her quick comments and keeps us entertained.

We are so thankful to Uncle Rick for letting us bunk up at his house and all the food, Chris for letting us use his room and Grandma for paying for the gas.

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